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Customized Pest Prevention Programs

We create a pest prevention program for your home to protect it from pest intrusions.  We offer Monthly, Bi-monthly or Quarterly, we can even accommodate weekly services if required.  

Mosquito Programs

KERIN Solutions listens to what your concerns are, do a complete inspection of your property to identify where the mosquitoes are coming or breeding and customize a solution for your budget.

Rodent/Wildlife Proofing

We offer rodent and wildlife proofing, backed by a warranty for the work we do.  We can prevent further intrusion into your home.

Wildlife Trapping

KERIN Solutions can deal with most wildlife issues you may experience.  Including: Raccoons, Opossums, etc.  We do live trapping and remove the animal from your property.

Termite Prevention and Treatments

We have plenty of options for Termites, from trench and treat warranty programs to baiting programs using the Trelona ATBS system.  We do annual inspections with reports and can also complete spot treatments for activity found.  Let us protect your home from these damaging pests.

Stinging Pests Control

Wasps are the most famous issues around the home and we remove nests as part of our normal service as long as they aren't higher than 15 feet.  But we can remove them from any two story home as well for an additional fee.  We can also deal with most bees nests, hornets, etc.

Bed Bug Elimination

Think you might have these pesky pests?  We will inspect all areas of your home.  If you do have Bed Bugs, we have the most advanced methods to eliminate any infestation.  Using a combination of Heat and Residual, we not only will eliminate the bed bugs, we'll also give you a warranty on the treatment to give you peace of mind.