Our Services

Mosquito Control


We have several options from fogging around your home to baiting programs that eliminate Mosquitoes in your immediate area. 

Bed Bug Elimination


Heat and Chemical are options to eliminate these pests.  Our Heat system has performed over 150 successful treatments in the Orlando area.



From prevention to treatment, we have options for your situation.  Trench and treat with a warranty to baiting systems.

Fly Porgrams


Fly elimination programs for restaurants, resorts, etc.  We have several of the latest technology options to help your situation.

Rodent Proofing


Nothing is worse then rodents getting into your business or home, that's why we look for entry points and seal those up, protect your family, staff and customers.

Wildlife Trapping


We only use live traps to remove wildlife.  Even though we all like to see these creatures, sometimes they cause potential harm and danger to your property.  We come in trap and remove for you.

Stinging Pests


Wasps, bees, hornets, etc...we have a plan to rid your home or business of this danger to your family, customers and staff.



Bats can get into attics, storage rooms, etc.  Did you know that per Florida law you cannot remove bats from April 16 to Aug 14?  This is their mating season and no one is allowed to disturb them.

Drain Cleaning


Drains can lead to smells and flies. Properly maintaining floor drains seems simple, but often they need more attention.  We use a Bio-foam product to break down the organic build up that causes these issues.